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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    Mark D
    Quality Product

    Scoop seems to be well built and high quality. Will be using at the beach in the near future after I receive the carbon fiber handle I ordered.

    CKG scoop

    Having never owned or used a beach scoop for metal detecting I had to do my research to decipher getting the most bang for my buck before I decided on my purchase. Things I studied included general quality, price, package deals, where the scoop was made and of course reading a ton of reviews to get a good and reliable balance of opinions. Welp, all things considered, I ended up seriously looking at CKG. Their products, company and the reviews all met my requirements. I ended up purchasing the Hex-7 small, along with the CKG two piece fiberglass handle. Not only was it an affordable product combination but it looks sharp and the build quality or fit and finish are top notch. The welds are high quality, the hexagon punched holes are clean. The welded braces are sturdy and aslo contained high quality welds. The handle fitment to the scoop was good, with a little play,which is expected. I used the scoop daily, seversl hours s day, for one week on the beaches of Alabama, which consists of fine grained sand. It performed great as expected and held up phenomenal to the task at hand. I'm telling you, if you use the scoop and handle as you should, in the conditions you should, these will last you many many years. I can also understand how they would break or bend, but only after misuse or abuse. Anyway, I'm very pleased with my high quality purchase based on the totality of products out in the world and can say that based on my research, for the price point and other factors considered, CKG products are #1 in my book and should be a consideration for beach detectorists, from beginner to seasoned.

    Howard B
    Small excellent built scoop

    Everything you want in a scoop, a bit too small for the type of sand I will be using it in so I will be returning.Will purchase from CKG the correct size scoop no matter the price.

    Michael McGowen
    CGK beach scoop

    Love my new beach scoop and carbon fiber handle. Works well for smaller scoop which is w what I wanted. Lightweight and strong! Very well constructed and the welding is particularly good.
    I would absolutely recommend CGK to anyone shopping for a scoop.

    Gary Wayne Morgan
    Great quality scoop.

    The scoop is a high quality product. I highly recommend it. I use it in a salt water environment and have had no problem so far.

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