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    C Saunders
    Stellar Sand Scoop

    This is a very good sand scoop! Thus was the first one I did buy! It works very well and can take a full amount of heavy wet sand! I did not use it in the actual surf thou! It is strong,well balanced,& well made! The only complaint I have is the black grab handle kept coming loose!
    I did use it in rugged surf& sand on a Cali beach to coin hunt with minelab detector! I am well pleased& I highly recommend it!

    Eazy McGarrity
    I loved this scoop! Until it broke.

    I really loved this setup. The carbon shaft was a little loose when new but with a little finesse everything was snug. The scoops top bent right away, maybe the 4th. Time out, and several times since and have been able to get it back in shape, the bottom or mouth of the scoop gets out of shape regularly also, I have always found a pole and with a rubber shot blow mallet shapes up nicely.
    Let me explain the way my OCD self does things, when I get new equipment, anything, cars metal detecting, fishing motorcycle parts, EVERYTHING I protect my investment best as I can. I use several automotive and Marine paint and body products before first use and sometimes up to every use to weekly, maybe monthly if it doesn't work in seawater during the products life. The scoop is ( was 9 months young) and was used 2 - 3 times a week for maximum of 4 hours per use on the beach in So Cal and shines like new, not one bit of rust and the carbon fiber shaft still has gloss as well, everything is rinsed immediately after each use. The problem is the weld broke on top, then the second and after attempts of surgery, ( zip ties , wire even steel braided fishing line, the top peeled back from the lower side. Devastated, I have had to Go back to my original $100 dollar scoop and another standby that was under $150, and they are still going, but I miss the CKG. The find bag lasted a couple weeks and I did install a pull handle on the shaft which was a nice feature.I expected way longer than 9 months, and I doubt I will purchase another, especially since customer service never replied. Anyone know a good SS welder?

    Mark Hydrick
    GREAT Scoop and A GREAT price

    I have been beach detecting for 30 years. Best scoop I have ever used and you can't beat the price! Solid build. There has been some chatter about the looseness of the handle where it meets the scoop but CKG has remedied this issue with a very solid tension bolt design. Heavy duty stainless steel basket. I used it for several hours and at least 50 digs in everything from soft white sand to heavy wet sand. NO ISSUES with flexing or bending at the back of the basket/scoop when I used my foot on it to dig into the sand. I'm telling you, don't spend several hundred dollars for a scoop when you can get this one for MUCH MUCH LESS!

    CKG sand scoop

    I love this scoop, light and strong and easy to pack around. Makes beach hunting so much more enjoyable.

    Delmar Levesque
    Best Scoop

    Light weight and very sturdy. Shaft is secure when using in water. Great price also

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