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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Barry Alderman
    Ckg titanium sand scoop with carbon fiber handle

    Purchased a couple of weeks ago and have taken it out to use on my local beach several times. I have to say , it feels unreal because it is so light. It feels quite strong , and over time will tell its overall durability. At this moment in time , i am very happy with the purchase.

    Dan Brown
    Titanium, sand scoop

    Your titanium sand scoop is super light I have really put it to the test the last couple of weeks. It works pretty good. I think the material should have been a little bit thicker. My only concern is this titanium scoop is tearing up my carbon fiber handle. I am now wrapping the handle with tape to try to pad the scoop from the handle, is there something you guys can do to fix this problem at this rate my handle may only last a year
    The one and only sand scoop I ever bought was from a company called Sun spot here in Southeast Michigan. It has lasted me 15 years and works extremely well, but it is really heavy I am hoping to get another 15 years out of your scoop and handle, but they are tearing each other apart. Please help what can we do?

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