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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    High Quality travel scoop

    I will not get to use my scoop until next week in Waikiki so I can only comment on the quality. I am very impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship, both of which are very good. Going on past experience, I think this will meet all my needs and is light weight and compact.
    I will try and update after a weeks use.

    Kelly Condiff
    Great Product

    Lightweight and durable, we use it in heavy gravel areas with no issues.

    Melanie C.
    Lasted 5 months: UPDATED

    Was excited to receive this scoop after reading the positive comments. I guess I ended up with a poorly manufactured unit. This scoop only used at the beach for probably less than 10 total hours. The two struts that are tack welded to the head broke loose. I did not realize this until the scoop tore loose where the handle comes into the scoop (see pics). I reached out to the company but never received a reply. If you’re lucky enough to receive a sturdy unit you will like this scoop. However, if you end up with one like I did then know that they will not stand behind their product.UPDATE: Customer service contacted me and replaced the scoop. This one has held up well the last few trips I made. Hoping I have the same luck everyone else seems to have.

    Scoop 'n the Gulf

    My scoop, with 7mm hex holes and carbon poles, arrived in less than 48 hours after I placed my order with CKG! It's my first metal scoop, and it's well built with no sharp edges. Like others have noted, there is a little 'wobble' in the pole to scoop connection, easily corrected with a band of electrical scoop. I have only used it a few times and it seems solid. I am using it in FL on Gulf of Mexico sand with a fair amout of crushed shells. When in damp sand, away from the surf line, this sand will not 'sift' through the 7 hex holes, so I will probably get another one with larger holes. In the surf where I can 'wash' the sand through the holes, works well. Now, if there just wasn't so much darn 'trash' on the beaches, maybe I could find something of value!

    Steven Shaw
    Lightweight & Durable

    So far I really like this scoop. It is very lightweight and durable. Much easier than bending down for each target in the sand. I highly recommend this product

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