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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews

    Sand Scoop Model 9x6: My previous CKG scoops were smooth, mirror polished steel. So, I was surprised when this one emerged from its box unevenly dull with many sandpaper-made scratches. Additionally, the leading edge is unevenly sharpened to dull-knife level. This last feature would be good for cutting through vegetation but it's no advantage for scooping dry or wet beach sand. If accidentally bumped, it can cut me or damage my car interior. I need to make an edge guard.

    After carefully examining every inch of this scoop, I see that this isn't a used return. There's not a speck of corrosion, not a single stuck sand grain and no sign of a previous handle. The rough unfinished appearance is intentional, a rustic style. That's just as well because heavy duty beach use is in the scoop's immediate future.

    Traci (Florida)
    CKG scoop

    An excellent sand scoop for metal detecting! I’m glad I did some research before just settling for any sand scoop. CKG scoops are very durable and built to last. It’s obvious judging by the scoop I received. Delivery was extremely fast also. Thank you CKG!

    David swett
    Broken 2 piece carbon fiber shaft

    Trying to find out if there is a warranty on the shaft, or am I getting the shaft since no one answers the phone number listed on their website, many attempts Trying to get in touch with someone but no, who has the answers?

    Linda Northcutt
    Scoop and carbon handle

    Scoop and carbon handle are very strong and light

    robert shifflett
    Appears to be well built

    Haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it looks well built and not to heavy , just what I wanted and am looking forward to using it in a couple weeks at the beach. Will update after use