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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    light years ahead of old school short handled scoops

    CKG SAND SCOOP FOR BEACH + CARBON HANDLE POLE SHOVEL ROD LONG HANDLE: Just retired & getting back into detecting. This scoop is light years ahead of what I used in the 1980's. Super-solid construction, yet not heavy. I'm sure the carbon fiber handle helps there. 8 beach outings so far. I rinse the scoop (& detector coil) thoroughly at the beach shower. There's no hint of rust and I hope to keep it that way. The only thing I'd change is for the opening to be a 1/2" taller. That would let my average size male hand in freely and still not add much sand/weight per scoop. I may eventually buy a bigger scoop but worry that'll make each scoop-full too heavy for a full day of detecting.

    Philip Bobo
    My first sand scoop

    Folks this thing is very well built, purchased for a vacation this fall and can’t wait to get to to the beach 🏝

    Terry Rogers
    Built solid, Built like a tank.

    Excellent product, good welds, very solid, like a tank. It seems it would last for generations if properly taken care off. I've used it on the beach for awhile and works, really good, saving my back and knees from bending over digging. Would not recommend for rock, clay or any hard surface. Every tool has it's purpose. The carbon fiber pole is icing on the cake, adding minimal weight. Shipping was fast and accurate. I would definitely recommend this product and (or) this company. Thank You.

    Patrick Laschinger
    A must to save your back doing beach metal detecting

    I used this sand scoop on Pensacola beach in Florida. I attached it to a canbon fiber handle which I also attached a scoop handle. I highly recommend all 3 items for ease of digging dry, wet and under water targets.

    Alan Ecklund

    It's got a chance to use today down on the Texas coast. Worked very good